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Episode 79: Anti-Vaxxers and the Tuskegee Experiment

It’s a two for one! Kat and Billie talk about the public health crisis caused by anti-vaxxers while somehow, very loosely linking it to the Tuskegee Experiment.

Episode 43: Are Millennials Too Sensitive?

This week in science: Kat and Mesha discuss the March for Science and why you should be good to your mother… mother earth. In their main topic, they try to figure out whether millennials are too sensitive. At a party? Hear someone say something racist/homophobic/ableist/sexist? Is it worth it to confront that person in a social setting even if you may never see them again? Lastly, Kat and Mesha ends Black Women’s History Month with highlighting CNN correspondent Angela Rye and her sick side eye game.